Wood turning is yet another way to celebrate the grain, color, and beauty of wood. Creating bowls, platters, lamps and other turnings celebrates the trees color and grain. The design is more free form, because as a turner you don't know what is really inside a log or bowl blank until you start to explore, and changes in grain, knots, or color will make a turner alter the shape of an object to take advantage of or avoid issues discovered in the wood. As with my furniture I try and develop simple and organic forms in my bowls, platters, and lamps without the use of unnecessary embellishments or decorations. I like to create free flowing shapes with are beautiful to the eye and soft to the touch.

My custom Hand Turned Wood Lamps and platters can be produced using many species of wood. I sometimes have local tree blanks in my shop or can purchase kiln dried wood for you project and can mix species as you desire. Please view my Wood Species page